Monday, November 7, 2011

About Me - Tammy

About Me - Tammy

My name is Tammy. Hello to all,I would like to say I am your average 42 year old, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, but now that i think about it i'm far from normal just like a lot of you I'm sure.  I have been married for 13 years to a man who is pretty great [now] it took a little while to get him there, (lol) , but it also has taken awhile for me to get there to.  I am in cooking school my last 6 weeks just started today its pretty scary for me.  I have had weight loss surgery  in January it was called an open sleeve gastronomy,I am down almost 100 lbs. I was also diagnosed with Celicas disease about 2 years ago that was a little rough for me at first cause I was a big bread eater. I haven't had a good job in along time due to wanting to stay home with my last son and not having a lot of skills we all know what that is like in this day and age.I just figured out what I want to do in life just a little late and I am scared crapless  I am also on a mission to try to find my mom a nice guy to date, so might need some peoples help.  I have had a lot of interesting things happen to me in my life and would like to talk about any of it, ghosts,weight loss, kids [only have boys]  Celicas, new career, being scared of like almost everything lately.

 Like today first day with new chef and I cut my finger pretty good with a metal flipper can you say what a geek who does that happen to, my partner and I messed up our bread, yeah I got stuck making the one thing that I can no longer eat go figure.

Well that's it for now just to let you get to know me and a little bit what I'm about, I love to make people laugh and be happy. I will write about my crazy life and would like input from others going threw stuff like me. Have a wonderful day,till next time. 

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