Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NBA - it really is just a business

It is easy to state as an NBA fan you are tired of the power struggle between owners and players.  It looks like we may not have an NBA season simply because the players want more.  What does that mean exactly?  The bottom line is they want more revenue.  The owners and players are at the end of a 10-year deal that needs to be renegotiated and one side (the owners) seem to be willing to compromise.  The other side (NBA players) are steadfast.  They are not willing to make any compromises.  They want what they want and are not willing to sign a new agreement unless the owners agree to their demands.

In the sports and entertainment industry things are handled differently.  Players unlike workers can make demands we cannot.  I work in customer service and imagine if I was part of a union and went on strike my company would simply just replace me.  The demand for me is minute on a global scale.

But NBA players are special.  They have athletic gifts such as size, quickness and natural abilities that most of us could never achieve.  They have the power of negotiation.  They cannot be easily replaced.  With that being said, our country will still be fine without the NBA.  It isn't like they are air traffic controllers on strike preventing flights from being routed appropriately.  The same situation happened with the NFL, but the difference is both sides worked toward a solution.  They agreed to disagree and compromised.  The NBA players who make multi-millions are demanding more.  Funny thing is they are going around now holding fake games to raise for charity.  Some players are also signing agreements with either the CBA (Canadian Basketball Association) or European leagues.  Kobe Bryant is even going to play for multi-millions of dollars for a limited time basis.

Do the players deserve more revenue than they are already getting?  The owners are actually having trouble with their finances.  That is ironic considering our economy right now.  Shouldn't the owners be allowed to take a cut back from the players to balance the books?  They are still making money that most of us wouldn't know what to do with.

The problem is our priorities are out of whack.  We are the customers.  We enjoy entertainment more than anything else.  Shows nowadays are dominated by reality TV.  The expectation is instant gratification to be mentally stimulated.  The NBA better take notice that we have a new generation adults coming forth many who are not interested in sports.  Generation Y is predominantly only interested in cutting edge.  More and more people are seeking alternatives to meet their need to satisfy their morbid curiosities.

We love shows to watch people fail and succeed.  The NBA should be on notice.  There are a lot of alternative entertainments out there as well as other sports such as college basketball.  You might just lose more than revenue.  You might lose some of your fan base because fans will find other choices to fill their void.  They already have.  You had something that was 100% guarantee.  It will start to slip away as people will start to look the other way.  At least the NFL knew they couldn't hold out a season.  They had an obligation to their customer's who are struggling financially.

I don't think fans are interested in watching a business.  And as one, I simply say - who cares?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm back!

Good morning to all, hey guess what it's Monday, why does everyone hate 

Mondays? I think they get a bad rap, did mondays ask to be the first day of the 

work week no and others who work all different days monday is their friday or 

their Thursday or what ever day. So I just want to say I love you monday!!! I 

hope everyone has a fabulous Monday.

I just had the weirdest thing happen to me, I was on the chew site and on

the side where the advertisements are there was a picture of a bowl of 

gazpacho nicely decorated and it said above it, do you think this was made at a

cooking school? Yes or no, so the weird thing was it was my gazpacho I made 

my first six weeks in school. How did that get on there? Chef Paul took pics of 

all our dishes, so weird but proud, hum.

Here's something to brighten your day: